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cromaretail.com - PANASONIC UC12RKY3 1 TON 3 STAR - This Panasonic split air conditioner is a reliable partner that comes with an array of features for easy maintenance and operations. Its built-in Blue Fin condenser comes with epoxy coating to protect the AC from corrosion. It also prevents damage from wind, dust and air. You can easily access the top panel of this Panasonic air conditioner and clean it as and when required. Coated with eco tough casing, it forms a protective layer around the inner units of the air conditioner to restrain the growth of corrosive materials. Made from zinc, magnesium, aluminium and silicon, the coating ensures reliability and durability of this AC. Use the wireless, fully functional remote control with LCD display to easily adjust temperature levels and other settings, right from the comfort of your couch or bed. With an indoor noise level ranging between 47 dB to 36 dB and an outdoor noise level of 54 dB, you will not be disturbed while working or relaxing by unwanted sounds. For your convenience, this AC comes with a manufacturer's warranty of one year and four years warranty on the compressor. 3.0000  
compareindia.ibnlive.com - HAIER 1 5 TON 3 STAR HSU 19CXBW3N - Haier HSU-19CXBW3N price‚ Haier HSU-19CXBW3N features‚ Haier HSU-19CXBW3N price in india‚ Haier HSU-19CXBW3N online price‚ Haier HSU-19CXBW3N specifications‚ Haier HSU-19CXBW3N ACs (Split)‚ Haier HSU-19CXBW3N 3.0000  
compareindia.ibnlive.com - VOLTAS 1 2 TON 5 STAR 155 CY SPLIT - Voltas Classic (1.2T 155 CY) reviews‚ Voltas Classic (1.2T 155 CY) price‚ Voltas Classic (1.2T 155 CY) features‚ Voltas Classic (1.2T 155 CY) price in india‚ Voltas Classic (1.2T 155 CY) online price‚ Voltas Classic (1.2T 155 CY) specifications‚ Voltas Classic (1.2T 155 CY) ACs (Split)‚ Voltas Classic (1.2T 155 CY) 3.0000  
compareindia.ibnlive.com - BLUE STAR 1.5 TON 3 STAR 3HW18VB1 SPLIT - Bluestar 3HW18VB1 reviews‚ Bluestar 3HW18VB1 price‚ Bluestar 3HW18VB1 features‚ Bluestar 3HW18VB1 price in india‚ Bluestar 3HW18VB1 online price‚ Bluestar 3HW18VB1 specifications‚ Bluestar 3HW18VB1 ACs (Split)‚ Bluestar 3HW18VB1 3.5000  
compareindia.ibnlive.com - VOLTAS 185 EY S EXECUTIVE SPLIT AC 1 5 TON - Voltas Classic (1.5T 183 CYA) price‚ Voltas Classic (1.5T 183 CYA) features‚ Voltas Classic (1.5T 183 CYA) price in india‚ Voltas Classic (1.5T 183 CYA) online price‚ Voltas Classic (1.5T 183 CYA) specifications‚ Voltas Classic (1.5T 183 CYA) ACs (Split)‚ Voltas Classic (1.5T 183 CYA) 4.4000